Blefaroplastia: Una sencilla operación que mejora la estética de los párpados

Blepharoplasty is a widespread technique for the treatment of excess skin and/or fat associated with the upper eyelids. This technique achieves not only a rejuvenation of the patient’s appearance but also an improvement in the field of vision by eliminating the feeling of heaviness of the upper eyelid. It is a simple technique undertaken on the upper eyelid fold, which allows the scar to be completely hidden.

Such a procedure can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids following an assessment by the oculoplastic surgeon to decide on the most appropriate treatment in each case. The surgery is simple and is performed under local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis.

Postoperative recovery usually lasts about two weeks, but the result is often seen immediately after surgery with both a cosmetic and functional improvement.

The local application of cold is advisable as well as sunscreen and antibiotic ointments during the first week to ensure a quick and uncomplicated recovery.

Blefaroplastia: Una sencilla operación que mejora la estética de los párpados

There are other procedures associated with blepharoplasty that aim to improve the appearance of the area around the eye. One of these is a brow lift, which aims to treat and improve eyebrow fall.

Another procedure frequently performed along with blepharoplasty, is the correction of drooping eyelids, also known as palpebral ptosis, the approach to drooping eyelids is the same as that used for blepharoplasty.

Oculoplastic surgeons are ophthalmologists that specialise in the surgical treatment of the eyelids, tear ducts and eye socket, and this expertise allows them to perform this type of intervention with great precision.


Dra. Alejandra Amesty