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Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is the alteration of the retina generated by diabetes mellitus. This disease is increasing in the number of people affected by it worldwide and an estimated 415 million adults have diabetes at the present time. The increase in diabetes will have consequences with a significant increase in cases of diabetic retinopathy. According to the [...]

What is the optic nerve and how does it work?

The optic nerve is responsible for transmitting the signals that the eye perceives to our brain. The brain will then interpret these signals coming from external stimuli in order to form a mental image of what we are seeing. The optic nerve is composed of approximately 1.2 million axons that originate in the retina's ganglion [...]

Vision problems while driving

Before getting behind the wheel it is important to consider the health of our eyes. Very often driving at high speed means you need to see things much more quickly, so it is advisable to drive at a lower speed. The eye has to quickly adapt to an environment in which its surroundings change faster [...]

Eye care tips while on holiday

The arrival of summer means a greater daily exposure to sunlight. We all know how to protect our skin from the sun and we are aware of the hazards arising from exposure to the sun without protection, but what about our eyes? Our eyes are very sensitive to the sun but we are not normally [...]

Sport and damage to the eyes: how to prevent it?

Practising sport is one of the most common causes of injury to the eyes, especially among children and young adults. Every year thousands of people suffer eye injuries in Spain while doing sport. Among the sports that tend to involve more risk are those known as "contact sports": boxing, fencing, karate, judo, taekwondo, etc., which [...]

Why does dry eye mostly affect women?

Dry eye is a chronic condition that affects the functioning of tears and the surface of the eye, it can be due to multiple causes and it affects approximately 15% of the world's population. Patients with dry eye have symptoms of feeling they have a foreign body in their eye, irritation, blurring, photosensitivity, redness, stinging [...]

What is keratopigmentation? Vissum creates a technique to change the apparent colour of the iris

It is now possible to change the colour of your eyes. Doctor Alió, founder of Vissum and Professor of Ophthalmology at the Miguel Hernandez University of Elche, has developed a novel system of keratopigmentation, which makes it possible to change the colour of a person's eyes with a corneal tattoo technique. The research behind the [...]

Stress also affects the health of our eyes: tics, blepharitis and macula diseases

The vast majority of us already know that stress can damage our health in a variety of ways, but what is perhaps less well-known is that stress can directly affect our eyes and even our vision. Stress, caused by the frenetic pace of modern life and long working hours causes chemical and hormonal changes in [...]

Pregnancy and eye care: why does myopia increase?

During pregnancy a woman's body experiences many changes, such as the appearance of stretch marks, weight gain or constipation. These are the most common and well-known changes, but there are many others that are also common and need to be taken into account. Pregnancy can bring about a loss of visual acuity. The reason is [...]

Eyelid twitching, what is it and why does it occur?

Our eyelids can sometimes suffer involuntary spasmodic contractions in the orbicularis oculi muscle. This twitching of the eyelids that people sometimes experience is a phenomenon known as blepharospasm. It may present itself in the form of uncontrollable blinking, forced eye closure and even, in severe cases, loss of vision. Why does this happen? Blepharospasm is [...]