On 2nd July, Spain and Portugal, neighbouring countries with close relations, held the first meeting of Retina Ibérica. The event was created and organised by Dr. Angela Carneiro and Prof. José María Ruiz Moreno and it had the enthusiastic cooperation of SERV (Spanish Vitreoretinal Society), the Portuguese Ophthalmology Society (SPO) and the Portuguese Vitreoretinal Group. The event included the signing of an agreement between the organisations.

Retina Ibérica will take place on a biennial basis and the meetings will be held alternately in different cities in Spain and Portugal. The knowledge-sharing that occurs in this type of meeting serves to stimulate research and development in ophthalmology at the highest level.

The initial meeting was attended by 120 specialists in retinal pathology and it discussed such important current issues as the treatment of macular degeneration, diabetic macular oedema, the latest surgical techniques and advances in imaging such as OCT angiography, which allows detailed high quality imaging of the vascular plexus without contrast injection. Each of the round tables had two moderators and six speakers, with an equal number of participants from Spain and Portugal.

Vissum Medical Director and President of the Spanish Vitreoretinal Society, Prof. José María Ruiz Moreno, was asked to give the opening and closing lectures.