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  1. Legal information

Pursuant to Act 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society and e-Commerce Services, the identification details of the website owner are as follows:


C/ Ebanistas 4, Polígono Industrial Urtinsa. 28923 Alcorcón, Spain A81642803

The company is registered in the Companies Registry of Madrid, Volume 11842, Book 0, Folio 140, Page M185947, Inscription 11, Section 8. – Tax ID No. A-81642803.

Corporate address: C/ Ebanistas, 4. 28923 Alcorcón (Madrid), Spain

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  1. General Terms and Conditions of Use

These General Terms and Conditions govern the use of and access to the Web portal, which is intended as a gateway to VALCASADO, S.A. ( VISSUM ), offering users on‑line information, services and content. Through the website, the User gains access to specific products and services, tools and apps.

The data and information shown in relation to products, services, prices, characteristics and other relevant details displayed on the website are written up, provided and updated by service providers and third-party companies. VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM) will not be held liable under any circumstances for said data and information, nor will it take on any obligations in relation thereto.

The User undertakes to make good use of the contents, services, apps and tools available, pursuant to legal provisions and to these General Terms and Conditions of Use, as well as any Specific Terms and Conditions that may be established regarding access to certain services and apps, always showing respect for other web Users.

In the event of complete or partial non-compliance by the User with these General Terms and Conditions of Use, VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM) reserves the right to deny the User’s access without prior notice.

  1. General User obligations

Upon accepting these General Terms and Conditions of Use, the User expressly undertakes:

– Not to take any action that might temporarily or permanently jeopardise, block, harm, disable or overload the website’s functionalities, tools, contents and/or infrastructure, preventing its normal use.

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– Not to make or share slanderous or defamatory comments on the website regarding either other Users or third-party companies unrelated to VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM).

– Not to use any of the material or information contained in this website for unlawful and/or expressly prohibited purposes envisaged herein or in the Specific Terms and Conditions that may be established for certain apps and/or utilities that prove contrary to law or to the interests of VALCASADO, S.A. ( VISSUM ), or those of its Users or third parties.

– Not to offer or distribute products or services or carry out any form of unrequested advertising or commercial communication intended for Users or visitors of VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM).

The User will be answerable for any damages of any kind caused to VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM) or to any third parties as a result of the User’s failure to comply with any of their obligations acquired by virtue of these General Terms and Conditions of Use or by legal provisions regarding access to and/or use of the website.

  1. Intellectual and industrial property

The website, the pages it comprises and any information and elements contained therein (including copy, documents, pictures, drawings, graphic representations, etc.), as well as logos, brands, trade names and other distinctive signs, are protected by intellectual and/or industrial property rights over which VALCASADO, S.A. ( VISSUM ) is the holder or has authorisation for use and public disclosure from the holder.

The User undertakes to use the content diligently and properly, in accordance with the law, moral standards and public order. VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM) authorises Users to view the information contained in the website and to privately reproduce same (for simple downloads or storage on their own computer systems), provided it is intended solely for personal use. Under no circumstances will this entail any authorisation or licence over the property rights held by VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM) or by the legitimate holder.

The User is not authorised to distribute, modify, transfer or publicly disclose the information contained in the website by any means or for any purpose.

  1. Links

Connections and links featured on the website to third-party sites and pages are intended solely to be of use to the User. VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM) takes no responsibility in any case for the links or their content.

VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM) takes no responsibility for the existence of links between the content of this website and the content outside it, or for any other external reference content beyond this site. Said links or references are intended for solely informative purposes and in no case do they imply any relationship of support, commercialisation or otherwise between VALCASADO, S.A. ( VISSUM ) and the authors or managers of said content or the owners of the websites where they are housed.

Express, written authorisation will be required from the portal’s owners to post any links to the website.

  1. Liability

VALCASADO, S.A. ( VISSUM ) cannot guarantee that the elements and information contained in the website will be permanently accessible, correctly displayed or available for download or use, as this may be prevented, impeded or interrupted due to external factors or circumstances beyond its control and will, such as the existence of computer viruses on the net.

VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM) takes no responsibility for any damages, loss, claims or expenses caused by:

(i) Interferences, interruptions, faults, omissions, delays, blockages or disconnections brought about by failures in telecommunication lines and networks or by any other cause beyond the control of VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM);

(ii) Unlawful interferences using malware of any kind and by any means of communication, including computer viruses or the like;

(iii) Undue or inappropriate use of the website of VALCASADO, S.A. (VISSUM);

(iv) Flaws in security or browsing caused by bad browser performance or by the use of outdated versions.

VALCASADO, S.A. ( VISSUM ) will not be liable under any circumstances as regards users or third parties for actions carried out by third parties unrelated to VALCASADO, S.A. ( VISSUM ) involving or potentially involving unfair competition, unlawful advertising or a breach of intellectual and industrial property rights, insider secrets, contractual agreements of any kind, the rights of honour, personal and family privacy and image, property rights and any other rights held by third parties as a result of content transmission, dissemination, storage, offering, reception or acquisition, or access to the content.

  1. Personal data protection

Our full policy on personal data processing can be found in the Privacy Policy, which is an inseparable part of these General Terms and Conditions, although we have written it up in a separate document for convenience: Privacy Policy.

  1. Regulations

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