Doctors Marta S. Figueroa and José María Ruiz Moreno participated as speakers in Macula 2016, which was recently held in Barcelona, taking part in a series of talks addressing the diagnosis and treatment of macular pathology. The event was attended by national and international speakers and it addressed the latest issues in the field of the retina.

Dr. Marta S. Figueroa gave two lectures in the series of talks on surgery, “Retinoschisis and lamellar holes” and “Salvage therapy in maculopathy associated with optic nerve cupping” the former dealing with the surgical treatment of severe macular lesions in patients with high levels of myopia. The second suggested a surgical salvage therapy for those eyes in which macular lesions were not resolved with the first surgery.

Professor Ruiz Moreno presented a study on the thickness of the choroid in myopic patients, and how it influences the visual acuity of people suffering from myopia. On the Saturday morning he presented the new technique of OCT angiography, which allows angiography to study the retinal vessels without contrast injection. Finally, he presented a video on macular surgery that uses a 3D imaging technique.